WTD 61 Tornado 98+79 ASSTA 2 testplatform

Product information "WTD 61 Tornado 98+79 ASSTA 2 testplatform"

High value 250 g/m2 silky luster paper poster at the size of DIN A3 (420x297 mm, 16 1/2 x 11 3/4'', DIN A2 and DIN A1 optional) with aircraft scheme and textual descriptions. All texts in german. DIN A2 and DIN A1 versions are optional, and will be printed after reception of the order which means a delay of ca. 1 week for the shipping.

Background Story

Considering the optics of this TORNADO testplatform of WTD 61 this is neither an IDS nor an ECR. For the exact classification as an IDS the cannon opening near the radom is missing for the ECR classification the FLIR bubble and the IIS cover on the belly underneath the cockpit are missing.
The writing "ASSTA 2" on the fin stands for "Avionic System Software in ADA 2". Compared to the F-104G "Starfighter" which was once substituted by the MRCA TORNADO this new airplane was a major step ahead in many respects to airplane technologies. Especially in concern of the avionics the introduction of freely programmable computers for the control of the most sub and sub-sub systems, the displays, the navigation, the self defense, the weaponeering and so on was a revolutionary change. In the course of time the TORNADO underwent a couple of improvements and increase in firepower to keep up with the general developement in the military technologies. New weapons linke HARM, Kormoran 2, TAURUS, laser guided bombs and recce pods togehter with the necessary optics were introduced and integrated into the system. On the first hand introduction of new stuff means also introduction of new or adapted software. ASSTA 2 stands for a major software update which was tested with this airplane prior its introduction to the operational aircraft.