Transall 51+06, "Luftwaffe with Transall at Combat Wing Masar-e-Sharif"

Product information "Transall 51+06, "Luftwaffe with Transall at Combat Wing Masar-e-Sharif""

High value 250 g/m2 silky luster paper poster at the size of DIN A3 (420x297 mm, 16 1/2 x 11 3/4'', DIN A2 and DIN A1 optional) with aircraft scheme and textual descriptions. All texts in german. DIN A2 and DIN A1 versions are optional, and will be printed after reception of the order which means a delay of ca. 1-2 weeks for the shipping.


Since the start of the ISAF operation Germany supported continously the air transport missions in the theatre with four to eight C-160 Transall from his three transport wings.

With those Transall protected air transport of personnel and material was conducted and the transport of wounded within the theatre was ensured.

In the beginning the airplanes were stationed in Termez, Uzbekistan and from August 2008 on they were transferred to Mazar-e-Sharif in Afghanistan.

Since the October 1 2008 the strategic air transport to and from Afghanistan was conducted directly to Masar-e-Sharif airport. Within Afghanistan the air transport is centralized organized with a pool of airplanes of the international partners.

The transfer back of the last remaining four Transall of Combat Wing Masar-e-Sharif took place in two steps. On November 3 and 4 2014 the first two were flown back to Transport Wing 61 from Penzing. A short time later in a second step the two remaining airplanes to Transport Wing 62 in Hohn.