German Naval Wing 2 TORNADO IDS 43+87 Norm 76 with KORMORAN

Product information "German Naval Wing 2 TORNADO IDS 43+87 Norm 76 with KORMORAN"

High value 250 g/m2 silky luster paper poster at the size of DIN A3 (420x297 mm, 16 1/2 x 11 3/4'', DIN A2 and DIN A1 optional) with aircraft scheme and textual descriptions. All texts in german. All sizes larger than DIN A3 will be printed freshly. Therefore allow 1-2 weeks delivery time.

Background Story

Shown is TORNADO IDS jet 43+87 in Norm 76 of former Naval Wing 2 (Marinefliegergeschwader 2), or MFG 2. It carries the electronic warfare jammer "Cerberus C-III" on its outside wing station, a 1150 kg fuel tank on the inside wing station, a captive (not flyable) air-to-air missile AIM-9L(i) on its special pylon attached to the inside wing pylon and a captive KORMORAN anti-ship missile.

The KORMORAN is a formerly french project from Aerospatiale which was taken over 1969 by the german MBB company which later became EADS, a multinational company. Basis was the request for a tactical off-distance fire-and-forget weapon against ships. Size, weight and aerodynamic behaviour during launch were completely adapted for the F-104 STARFIGHTER which was able to carry two of them. With introduction of the TORNADO the capacity was increased to 4 missiles.

Norm 76 was the intial in service scheme for the german Marineflieger (Navy) Tornado. The upper surfaces are RAL 7012 "Basaltgrau" and the underside are a very pale grey RAL 7035 "Lichtgrau".